The Process

This may come as a surprise, but I do not like writing. Journaling- sure, thats cool because there’s no pressure to be grammatically correct and I don’t have to worry about opinions because nobody is allowed to read my journal. Blogging is a totally different matter.  This blog is completely God working through me and I pretty much fight it the entire day until I digress from my personal objective and submit to the call to write. I thought it’d be fun to share my writing process because I personally find humor in it.

Anyone who has taken the time to get to know me knows this: I get distracted.  If left to my own devices, I will have about 10 activities going on at a given time and I just bounce from one to the other until I’ve completed all of my tasks. It’s crazy and barbaric and I just have to own it.   I usually go a few  “dry” days then bam! all of a sudden I get 4 or five ideas in one day and have to write extensively detailed notes so that I won’t forget exactly what it is I need to write.

Anyway, this is just a brief glimpse of how God puts on my heart the topics to write for this blog:

I was in the bathroom putting in my contacts and I had to run to my room in between inserting my contacts into my eyes to grab a post it note to jot down an idea before it escaped my mind. Then on my way back to the bathroom I remembered I wanted coffee, so I started that, then I went back to the bathroom to put in my other contact, then back to my room to write down another idea. I sat down to enjoy my coffee but another idea struck me to I ran back to my room to write that down. You’d think I would just keep paper and a pen beside me.

Later that day, in between loads of laundry, I was washing dishes and while I was elbow deep in suds, I had to run to my handy dandy post it note stack to once again write down an idea.

I have many more similar stories like those, but I feel that the point has been laid out. By mid afternoon on my brainstorming days, I’ll have anywhere from 10-15 post it notes with scribbles all over them, see:

ImageSo, I have about 5 of these pages sporadically throughout my journal. It’s not very organized, but this system will have to do.  Once I have an overwhelming amount of notes, I’ll sit down and write out the complete ideas into what you guys get to read on here, see:


The main point of this particular blog is not to say, “Hey! Look at how interesting my writing process with God is.” I just want ya’ll to know that even when I try my darnedest to escape the drudgery of writing, God supplies the time, energy, and ideas. I’m just humbled that He is using me to reach others. Hopefully, this may encourage you to write because I feel like you could and should, so whats stopping you?  You may be surprised by how God will transform you in the process.


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