DANG, I’m Hungry!

I’ve been home from training camp for 10 days and I am starving… for intimacy with God. While I was at camp I went through various challenges including:

  • Foods that my body wasn’t accustomed to eating
  • Food portions much lesser than my body was used to consuming
  • Less sleep than usual
  • Experiencing different sleep, as in I would pass out because of my body’s exhaustion from the day’s activities
  • My head aching due to lack of caffeine
  • My body being physically pushed to new limits

It made me realize how weak and broken my body is and that I am in dire need of someone to sustain me because I cannot do it myself. Thank God I have a Savior who adores me and is my Comforter (John 14:26) and Sustainer (Psalm 54:4). During camp I was constantly worshipping God or talking about Jesus or getting to pray and engage with the Holy Spirit, but being back home has proved to be a challenge of finding time. I noticed that in the time that I’ve been home I’ve grown unsettled, and at first I thought that it was due to being separated from my new family [shout out to Q SQUAD!], but I’ve come to realize that my soul has actually been aching to spend quality time in God’s presence.

“We are designed to be close to God. Just as our bodies hunger and thirst for food and drink, our spirits hunger and thirst for His presence.”   -Joanna Weaver

I didn’t realize how famished I was for God until I got a taste of what He has for me at training camp. Fasting is a concept that I’ve read about but never put into practice… until now. As a squad, we have decided to fast to bond with one another as we are dispersed throughout America (and Canada!), but more importantly to deny ourselves food so that our souls can be rejuvenated in the Lord.


“Man Does Not Live On Bread Alone… But I Really Want Some”


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