Honor Thy Father and Mother

I know the commandment is to honor your father and mother, but what about honoring the children? I am fortunate to live in a community where most people know who I am, primarily through my parents. There are countless times people have come up to me to share the impact that my mother has had in their life since she was a teacher for 40 years in this community. People also tell me all the time about how my dad influenced their life when they were on his basketball youth league team or just as a member in the community.

It is truly a blessing to know that my parents are out there making a difference in the world and it sets an example for my siblings and me. I’m not a parent nor am I anywhere close to that stage of life, but it is encouraging and sets up a mindset for me to start building that kind of reputation for myself now for the children I hope to have in the future.

Definitely honor thy father and mother all the days of your life, but parents must also remember to honor their children.

I spoke with both of my parents today. On a phone call with my mom I was greeted with, “Do you need something?” She was implying that she was busy with Meals on Wheels, and did not have time to talk. As I mentioned, my mom retired from teaching after forty years, and how does she choose to spend her retirement? Serving the community. She is constantly setting an example for me. Monday I made a surprise visit to my parent’s house where I found my mom sitting at the kitchen table reading her Bible and journaling. What is better than knowing I was raised by a Jesus loving woman who has been faithful to growing in her relationship with Him her entire life? I am truly blessed.

This afternoon I received a phone call from my dad. No big deal, but he’s in Japan right now serving a community of long-term missionaries. What an adventurous way to serve God! I’ve watched him over the past few months struggle with the call to exit his comfort zone and to walk into ministry in a completely foreign capacity. It is incredibly encouraging to have a God fearing father who walks in obedience to Jesus Christ.

More is caught than taught,” is something I often hear from my wise pastor. What are your children catching from you?

Maybe you don’t have any children or your parents are no longer a part of your life. Even still, everything you do as a Christian should have Jesus’s name on it. All the days of your life you are still representing the name of Jesus wherever you go. Whether it’s in our community or across the world, my parents are honoring God. I am beyond proud to be in their family.

Regardless of your status as a parent, and whether you’re cognizant of it or not, you are influencing people around you. More of what you do and say is caught through their observations of you than by what you say. What are people catching from you?